How To Download Xbox Emulator For Android 2020


Xbox is a video gaming sub-brand created and owned by Microsoft, the brand name Xbox itself represents a series of gaming consoles created under this brand releasing a total of three consoles in this generation. The Original Xbox was their first video gaming console which most of us are not familiar with because now we have the second and third generation of their console which is the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One releasing different variants with great advancement, launched together with awesome games and more advanced controls but still, with the Xbox emulator for android you won’t miss any of these games. With Android emulator you’ll be able to play all your Xbox favorite games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, The original Battlefront games, Battlefield, FIFA, etc.

It’s tough getting an Xbox emulator for android because Microsoft has really held tight to the digital and hardware rights making it almost not possible to get a perfect emulator but due to some research, we finally found one that will work perfectly for your device.

Xbox Emulator For Android 2020

Xbox Emulator For Android

Microsoft did not offer the Xbox emulator on play store because of the red tape placed on the original Xbox and yes they are various types of an emulator for different consoles on the Google play store but they aren’t like the original Xbox. To get the emulator on your device you’ll have to download it from an online source which we are going to give to you.

How To Download And Install

Download the Original Xbox emulator for android, you’ll need a VPN (Recommended Turbo or Nord VPN)  to download the emulator unto your device.

Download and install the VPN from Google play store (free to download) and then you can easily access the website to download the emulator, make sure your device is connected to the VPN before you process it download process.

Once downloaded, locate it APK file in your file directories or file manager to install it, and can also check your completed downloads in your mobile browser and the installation of the Original Xbox Emulator will start.

To install an app from an unauthorized source, we need to change some Settings within your Smartphone. If you’re running Android 4.0 or higher, go into your device Settings > Security, and make sure “Unknown Sources” is checked. This will allow you to install any APK off of the Internet onto your Smartphone. And, If you’re running Android 8.0 or higher, you’ll tap “Allow” to let your browser to install any APK off of the Internet onto your Smartphone.

Keep in mind that APKs downloaded off of the Internet can be plagued by malware and potentially infect your Smartphone. However, you are safe from stuff like this. This is because Google employs a “security patch” a sort of mechanism to keep viruses away from your device, which lets installations safer.

How To Get Games (ROMS)

Due to, its late gen console. you might find it difficult to get games for this emulator, you can download the Original Xbox Games Here and before you download kindly check if your device is compatible to know if it’ll work for your device before downloading.

Gaming Controls

The Original Xbox is from another generation that people really are not familiar with, no one pays attention to it controls and now we are in need of it which is why playing games on this emulator with it controls would be wonky or it malfunctions which are not a problem. You can fix this issue by getting a wired used with an OTG cable adapter or wireless (Bluetooth) Xbox controller working perfectly for Android OS. And also ensure its an original Xbox controller of any generation.


Here’s an effective way to solve your boring days just by playing the Xbox game on your smartphone, if your device is a mid-range or flagship device, you’ll enjoy gaming on it delivering a better graphics at best speed.


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