How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode On IOS, PC and Android


After waiting for months WhatsApp finally roll out an update to all IOS and Android devices with Dark Mode support, Yes Dark Mode isn’t it fascinating. A lot of people have heard about this and also tested it (WhatsApp beta users) but yet to get to the real global WhatsApp. And finally, Facebook has officially launched WhatsApp with Dark Mode support for all devices and here’s how to activate yours.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Dark Mode on WhatsApp is a huge update which all WhatsApp users have been waiting forever since the Dark Mode came into existence serious devices and apps, it is one of the coolest features to ever be on a device, turning your apps and device dark-themed which makes it cool and efficient to use to prevent eye strain and also reduce battery life of your device.

Enabling WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode


Yes it’s officially out WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android and here’s how to activate yours. Just update your WhatsApp from Google Play Store

  • Open WhatsApp and select Settings
  • Choose Chats, under Display you will see the Theme options
  • Select it to switch your WhatsApp from Light to Dark Mode

There your WhatsApp will automatically switch itself to dark mode WhatsApp which is cool right?

Users running Android 9 and 10 with dark mode support on their device, when their device dark mode is activated WhatsApp automatically turns dark and vice versa. and you can manually change your WhatsApp theme from your settings too.

WhatsApp Dark Mode


You can do this on iOS devices like iPhone and here’s how. Update and Install your WhatsApp from App Store for those on iOS 13 if your device is switched to dark mode WhatsApp automatically goes dark and you can manually do this also by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Theme > choose Dark to make it dark themed.

WhatsApp Dark Mode


Don’t be surprised you can also activate dark mode WhatsApp on your PC too you will need a Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser and WhatsApp Dark theme (Script) for this just follow these steps.


  • Open your chrome browser and install Stylus from chrome web store here
  • Install it, Download the separate theme here by clicking “Install Style”
  • Load your web WhatsApp and see your dark mode activated


  • Download Stylus from Mozilla Official site here
  • Install the dark theme here

And there you’ll get your dark mode activated. To turn off the Dark mode on your PC just tap on the stylus icon at the top-right corner of your browser and select “Turn All Styles off” and call also “Turn it On” by following same procedures.

Here are ways to get the dark mode activated on all devices. Though the web-based dark mode doesn’t improve readability in the day neither does it make it worse but it reduces eye strain which is very safe and works well with your device most especially at night.


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